Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exciting times!

It's been a month since our last update and there have been a lot of exciting things going on!

We saw a post by Kim of True Up about a website called Stickk. It's a site that helps you stick to your goals by putting it out there. Kim offered to referee if someone wanted to challenge themselves to create a fabric collection. We've been wanting to create a collection for quite some time but hadn't yet begun so we jumped at the opportunity to use Stickk to commit to the goal. Kim signed on as our ref and the planning began!

April 28 (our wedding anniversary) is the date we chose as the collection release giving us a total of 70 days. We have had many ideas for collection themes but we wanted something new for this. We spent a few days mulling it over and one idea seemed to be really inspiring us. We borrowed many books from the library, along with some books from our personal library, to use for research and inspiration.

We're now in the design phase. We have so many ideas for the collection we don't know if they'll all make the final cut. One of the most fun we're having is with the naming. We're probably getting ahead of ourselves naming designs that haven't yet been designed but it helps keep things organized in our minds - and it's fun!  We're keeping the topic quiet for now but I'll divulge a name of one design that we're pretty sure will make the final cut: 'Changeling Tears'. You'll probably be able to figure out the collection's theme with a few google searches.

Not related to surface design, but still design related, is a piece Mat did for an upcoming art show at Atomic Toybot called Fordmania! - a show featuring pieces based on Toronto's mayor. Here is a small segment of the digital painting titled 'His burden' that Mat submitted.

We have lots more on the go, but that's it for this update. Next time I'll be able to show more.

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