Thursday, January 19, 2012

We did it!

A whole year of entries! There were a few weeks where the weekly contest was on hiatus during Project Selvage so it wasn't a full 52 entries but 48 is nothing to sneeze at. We're thrilled to have become part of the Spoonflower community. We've met new friends, our imagination have flourished, productivity has increased in other aspects of our lives. Just goes to show that there is room on full plates.

On to 2012 - we'll still be entering contests when we feel we have a good idea and design to go along with it. We'll be working on our own ideas for collections. Refining some old designs. Sewing with fabric printed with our designs (hello weekly contest quilt - now we just need to learn how to quilt) and branching out.

Our year of Spoonflower has been a growing experience far beyond what we knew we were getting ourselves into.

Week 44: 124/153 (28 votes) - Tiled Kites

Week 45: 62/224 (124 votes) Pillow Fight (pink)

Week 46: 37/68 (117 votes) Cosmic Solids (soft baby book)

Week 47: 11/148 (299 votes) Bells

Week 48: 26/149 (229 votes) Winter Woods

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