Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lateness has become the norm

No matter how much I think about getting to blog I'm always soooo late at getting it done - but we still haven't missed a contest entry deadline! The end of the year is in sight and I think it looks like we'll hit out goal of entering each and every Spoonflower contest of 2011.

And now to the result of the past few weeks...

Week 37: 75/181 (170 votes) - Root vegetables

Week 38: 13/27 (191 votes) Lucha Libre mask (done in our hotel room while on vacation)

Week 39: 19/124 (297 votes) swatch ornaments

Week 40: 31/167 (181 votes) Cameo

Week 41: 6/83 (410 votes) Military - Top 10!

Week 42: 43/146 (280 votes) 2012 Tea Towel

Week 43: 4/41 (354 votes) Advent calendar - Top 10!

We were also blogged here at Matin Lapin in her favorite things section! Our Shark that Swallowed a Cephalopod made the cut. We're honoured! Also, I'm hooked at all the awesomely cute stuff she finds. Bad for my pocketbook but great for my eyes!

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