Monday, July 25, 2011

July update

Update time!

Week 21: 40/120 (143 votes) Chinese Finger Puzzle

Week 22: Other than the top 10 the entries weren't ranked (all the kids are winners!) Tiger/Cheese doodle. Spoonflower also sent all the kids a fat quarter of their design - how awesome is that??

Week 23: 43/188 (181 votes) Fireworks at Dusk

Week 24: 90/210 (137 votes) Cocoons (not surprised the butterfly/limited palette contest we did so poorly at - we weren't inspired at all)

Week 25: 42/60 (169 votes) Village by the Stream - 1 yard skirt pattern (we really liked the design but the pattern itself was our first attempt and not very good).

Week 26: TBA - Derby Girls

The upcoming themes seem like fun. Our design for the coffee theme is nearly done and we have ideas for the next couple. We've also ordered some fabric of our favorite designs and have started to make things; pictures of that soon!

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