Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How I wish I could be a better blogger but right now it seems an entry a month will have to suffice.
Another catch up post with a couple of our designs being in the top 10 the past few weeks!

Week 16: 26/197 (297 votes) Kawaii Kups and Kones

Week 17: 9/129 (558 votes) Little Snow Girl - Top 10!

Week 18: 14/193 (401 votes)  Mythical beast sideshow

Week 19: 6/203 (439 votes) Lures - Top 10!

Week 20: 75/109 (106 votes) Ants' Picnic (18"x18" crayon napkin design)

Week 21: TBA Chinese Finger Puzzle

Week 22: TBA Designed by our daughter for the Spoonflower kids contest! We're proud parents of this 20 month old budding designer.

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